Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is Expensive and Other Myths that Must be Examined

Myths have always been associated with numerous concepts as they try to take away the fact of the matter. As a result, when an individual learns about the myth by viewing it as a fact, they tend to be misled into a whole different direction. But the truth will always stay the same, and it’s never too late to learn more about the same. Hence, today we are going to uncover specific facts about renewable energy and help you understand the truth of the matter.

1. Renewable Energy is an Expensive Energy Source

One of the most common myths about renewable energy talks about the aspect of being expensive. Well, in reality, renewable energy is actually the cheapest energy source. As hydro has been competitive for years, advanced methods have come into the picture to reduce installation costs and various other aspects. Due to that, utilising renewable energy incurs fewer costs than what one could imagine. Moreover, the field always moves under the guidance of innovation and technological advancement. As a result, be ready to witness numerous changes over the coming years.

Land from Agriculture

2. Renewable Energy Take Away Land from Agriculture and Livestock

When you go into the detail side of renewable energy, you will realise that it does not grab land from agriculture and livestock activities. The surface area occupied by a wind turbine is quite minimal and moreover, compatible. You can always carry forward the activity of agriculture and livestock with renewable energy, as the benefits that the process generates tends to go up in numbers. On the other hand, solar plants are commonly installed on land where other kinds of activities are not carried.

3. Wind Turbines are Harmful to Birds

In terms of comparison, one will never proclaim wind turbines to be more harmful than other human-made activities. Deaths of birds caused by wind turbines do not go to a large extent as the effects are quite minimal. But that does not eliminate the need for a study regarding the impact. As a result, every single renewable energy project should always be carried forward with a study about its environmental impact. By doing so, one will get a clear picture of the matter and move ahead to do the needful.


4. Wind Turbines Produce a lot of Noise

Another common myth about wind turbines points towards the possible noise that it produces. But in reality, the noise produced is often being compared to that of a fridge or a microwave. Due to that, installing a wind turbine goes ahead to make more sense than what one could imagine. To make matters all the more interesting, the process of installation needs to be processed with regulations and rules. Hence, renewable energy is the right way towards a possible future.

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