Wind Energy

Some Facts about Wind Energy

Understanding facts about wind energy is quite essential in creating a unique outlook of the entire process. By learning more about the activity, we can move ahead in confidence and stand a chance to gain more than what we expected. So to help you get started on this front, we are here with a few facts that talk about wind energy. Hence, go ahead and read the following.

1. The Power of Wind Turbines

One of the best ways to understand the aspect of power for a wind turbine is to look into the largest wind turbine. For that purpose, one needs to acknowledge that the largest wind turbine harnesses energy to power 600 UK homes. Yes, that’s right. These turbines go ahead to form wind farms and make matters all the more efficient. Moreover, if one has to bring a small wind turbine into the picture, then you need to know that it can easily power a small business or a home. Hence, these resources need to be utilised to the fullest.

Significant Growth

2. Significant Growth

A promising feature of the new era states that the wind energy industry is growing more than what people expected. Global generation saw quadrupling from 2000 to around 2006. As a result, if this kind of growth continues, then one can easily state that wind energy will meet one-third of global energy demands by the year 2050. So let’s do all that we can to make this possible and proceed to live in the future of change.

3. The History of Windmills

When you hear the word windmill, you tend to think of it as an innovative concept that emerged in the past decade or so. But that is not the truth of the matter because windmills have been in use since 2000 B.C. Yes, you heard it right. Windmills were first developed by China and Persia, and it is widely known that ancient mariners used wind power to sail to different lands and farmers would, later on, use it to pump water for several activities.

Albert Betz

4. Remembering Albert Betz (1885-1968)

If one has to name a pioneer of the wind turbine technology, then they can do so by thinking about Albert Betz. Through his book “Wind-Energie” which was published in 1919, Albert published a theory about wind energy which went on to become a widely accepted one. His contributions to the field will always be remembered as a number of changes followed through all what he placed on the table.


The benefits of using wind energy is quite clear, and these facts further add on to the same. Hence, if we wish to make things productive and less harmful to the environment, then wind energy is an easy solution.

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